The London Broil Sandwich

After graduating college, I began a career in Columbia, MD where my office was located. I was unfamiliar with the state so I moved near my office until I felt more comfortable. Little did I know, my job required frequent travel which allowed me to get comfortable rather quickly. While on this local assignment in…

The 2016 Challenge

I started a new job in Washington D.C and take the train into work everyday.  This allows me time to catch up on my magazine reading. I have a subscription to Baltimore Magazine and I was reading the March 2016 issue which was highlighting the 50 Best Restaurants. It should be noted that this list…


Welcome to my blog! This is the starting point so you can get an understanding of who I am. Enjoy!

Vin 909 (1 of 50)

Vin 909’s claim to fame is fresh farm-to-table ingredients and rustic crispy crust pizzas.