Hello World!!! My name is McKenzie N-W and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I grew up around the West LA, Mid-City, and Baldwin Hills/Windsor Hills and surrounding areas.  Living in Los Angeles, exposed to me a variety of cultures and cuisines that are fascinating in their own right.  My grandmother is cropped-11griffith1-600.jpgfrom Georgia so first love will always be Southern cuisine, but being from Los Angeles, I am just as connected with Mexican cuisine and flavors, and seafood!  I believe avocado or guacamole can go on almost anything but that is a different story. But in an odd twist of my taste buds, something about most Asian flavors, such as Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Korean, excites me.  The mixing and blending of flavors is even more awesome.  Meaning, you can very well make a Korean BBQ taco and add Salsa Verde, add avocado and cojita cheese with…

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