NOLA Experience: Part I

I traveled down to New Orleans for Mother’s Day weekend 2016. I was beyond excited for all the good food I would soon enjoy on my first trip to NOLA!

Delicious Granny’s Soulfood!

I found this restaurant randomly when one of my friends on Facebook posted a beautiful picture of her chicken wings (plated well with a garnish) and waffles plate and tagged herself at the restaurant. What I was instantly drawn to was that there were actual pieces of chicken, and not chicken tenders with the waffles….

Hidden Locust Point Gem (2 of 50)

It was just an ordinary Friday and I decided to try another one of Baltimore’s Best on my own.  Heading toward to Under Armor Headquarters in Locust Point, 1157 Bar and Kitchen is nestled away on the corner of Marriott Street and Haubert Street.  The address is 1157 Haubert Street, Baltimore, MD 21230 so the…