Jackson, Mississippi Food Diaries: The Feathered Cow

I traveled to Jackson, Mississippi this past week for work training. I have never been there before and after my experience in New Orleans listening to tourists who do not know the best spots, I exclusively took recommendations from the locals only. I was blessed to have a lady in my training drive me to and from my hotel to work every morning which gave me a perspective of the city from a native of Mississippi. On our Tuesday morning ride, she mentioned that there was a great burger place located just in a shopping center in front of the training location. So for lunch that day, I decided to walk there with a few training attendees.

The Feathered Cow located is 4760 Interstate-55 Frontage Road, Jackson, MS 39211 in a shopping center with amble parking. The restaurant is closed on Sundays, as are many other restaurants in Jackson. This restaurant was also listed in the Best in Jackson list for the Burger and Good for Lunch category. This is a fairly new restaurant opening in 2014. When I walked into the restaurant, it was pretty full with only a few tables available.

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Having looked at the menu, I was highly interested in The Stupid Burger ($9) which included Monterey Jack cheese, caramelized onions, Applewood smoked bacon, and garlic mayo. All of that sounds like an amazing o (1)combination to this foodie. Every burger is dressed with lettuce, tomato, and red onion on a fresh bun baked daily and double stacked.  They take a $1.50 off the burger price if you get a single patty. You can make it a combo by adding fries and a drink for roughly $1.50 additional. Once I got up to the counter to order, I got super excited about their Hot Chicken Sandwich ($7.50) that was a special not listed on the regular menu. Based on my Harlem Eatup experience where I tried Carla Hall’s delicious Nashville Hot Chicken, I decided to order that instead to have another experience right in the South. The sandwich also had coleslaw and pickles on it. I also ordered a side salad, which included grapes, cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, and pickles, in lieu of fries with the infamous “comeback” sauce that had similar flavors of Thousand Island dressing. The cashier gave me a number on a stand and I found a table to sit and eat.

There was a 5-7 minute and before the servers brought out our meal. The chicken sandwich was a generous portion and smelled spicy!

Hot Chicken Sandwich

The salad was also vibrant and smelled fresh. They put the dressing on the side which is a bonus because some people are a little heavy with their dressing than others. I did not order a drink but I heard that the Sweet Tea was wonderful. My first bite of the chicken sandwich was magical. The chicken breast was juicy and crunchy. As I was enjoying my first bite trying to describe my flavors, a little of the spiciness went down the wrong pipe. After getting myself together and now with my throat fully inflamed, I decided to take the chicken breast out of the sandwich and put it in the salad. I scooped out the coleslaw and ate the pickles on the side. I am under the impression that the pickles are pickled fresh at the store because they were so fresh.


Salad with the comeback sauce in the corner








Chicken and Waffles

Overall, I had an amazing lunch at the Feathered Cow. After I finished eating, a server came and cleared the table.  Had there not been so many other places I wanted to try, I would definitely return. Many people from my training also ventured there and enjoyed their chicken and waffles dish as well as other burgers such as the Holy Cow Burger and the Fried Chicken Club Sandwich. Someone also got heir chocolate chips cookies and really enjoyed them. My total came to $12.26. This is a good burger place to go to when you want to avoid the chains and dine with the locals. The following is my Seven Mac Score for the restaurant:


The Feathered Cow
Criteria Scale Score
Accessibility 1-10 10
Customer Service 1-20 20
Cleanliness 1-10 10
Food Presentation 1-10 9
Price Value 1-10 10
Taste of Food 1-30 30
Overall Experience 1-10 10
TOTAL: 99/100

Please look out for my next post as I share more of my week in Jackson, Mississippi in my Jackson, Mississippi Food Diaries! Also, you can find me on Instagram @finediningdiva and twitter @moderndaybeauty. Also, if you would like to follow my blog to receive notification when a new blog is posted, please send your email to finediningdiva@gmail.com.

And remember: It’s a BIG world and we are going to eat our way through it!


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