Cabo Dining Adventures: Part II

On our first evening in Mexico, my mother decided to have our first dinner at the Quivira Clubhouse which is a steakhouse located on the golf course of the resort. The location of this restaurant/clubhouse is absolutely stunning. Located basically on the Pacific Ocean beach, the view of the sunset is spectacular. We visited this restaurant last year and had an amazing food experience but it took some time to cook so I wanted to visit again and see if it had gotten better and still tasted the same.  I originally wanted to dress up for the dining experience but due to my mother’s spontaneity, we were visiting this place in our travel clothes worn on the plane.

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We arrived just in time for a beautiful view of the sunset (I am going to guess around roughly 6:30pm). We had a little bit of a wait for our table.  While we waited, we took the time to capture a view photos and enjoy a cocktail. I started with a tasty strawberry daiquiri and the other people ordered mango margaritas.  It should be noted that our drinks tab cannot be transferred to our table so we had to close out the tab before we moved to the table.

Once we were seated at a table for 5, we had a direct view of the ocean from our table. It was a beautiful site as the sun started to set. After a few minutes of looking at the menu and refilling our drink orders, we decide on appetizers and our meal.  My mother ordered the following starters for the table: fried calamari, mussels, and the crab cake appetizers.  During our wait for the appetizer, the waiter brought out a platter of olives and fresh warm bread with whipped butter. Their attention to the detail for warm bread and soft butter was commendable. Here is where the dinner took a turn.


Since the restaurant is a club house, they have a pretty nice 360° bar that has flat screens to watch sports. We were visiting during the Olympics and were pretty into following the stats and were excited that our table was near a TV.  However, as we waited for the appetizer, they turned the TVs off. My mother asked several times for the TV to be turned back on.  It took nearly an hour and the manager had to come to the table and explain that he instructed the staff to turn it off because they wanted to set a mood. It was understandable but the communication was a bit lacking. And we can speak a little Spanish so we were fully able to communicate and understand. Then there was an issue with the wateriness of the margaritas.  My mother likes her drinks icy and they kept bringing out a watery slush of a drink which is unacceptable. I was annoyed with my drink after while so I ordered a Manhattan and it was absolutely terrible. I sent it back and opted for a strawberry mojito that was pretty tasty but a tad too sweet. I had pretty much given up on cocktails after that and stuck to sparkling water and lime.

As the sun began to go down, these bugs started to attack our table. They crawled into our plates, drinks, the candle, the butter, they were everywhere. It was just awful! On top of that, we had been waiting on our appetizer for almost 30 to 40 minutes. We called for help and the staff was somewhat helpful but really could not offer much of a solution.  After they took the candle from the table, the bugs scattered and eventually went away. Finally, they bought out our appetizers. The sun at this point had set. We were so starved from the wait, I ended up forgetting to take pictures of the food and had to basically recreate the order. I failed tremendously. The fried calamari and dipping sauce were tasty but not nearly enough to share with 5 people (The empty bowl with the sauce and lemon slice was the serving platter). The empty plate was the serving platter for the crab cake. The crab cake was nothing to rave about. Please remember, I live in Baltimore, MD, home of blue crabs and crab cakes so I am not easily impressed by mediocre crab cakes.  The star of the appetizer was the delicious mussels!! The broth from the mussels was absolutely divine. The serving portion was still small to share but there was delicious goodness in this bowl.

The sun had now fully set, it was basically pitched black, and after another 30-40 minutes of waiting, our steaks finally arrived. My mom and I ordered the ribeye, hers medium rare and mine medium.  The others order the Filet Mignon and the Petite Filet. For our sides, we ordered roasted vegetables, sautéed mushrooms, creamed spinach, and macaroni and cheese. Let me start by saying that the steaks were cooked and seasoned to perfection.  While the wait was absolutely ridiculous, I can say that it is definitely worth it. The seasoning and consistent heat level is done just wonderfully! No one complained about their meat. However, as for the sides, the favorite were the mushrooms which were also very well seasoned and were not overly mushy but had a bite to them. The roasted vegetables were ok though they were a bit bland.  I appreciated the mix of vegetables served but olive oil and salt or garlic would have amped this dish tremendously. My friend enjoyed her macaroni and cheese, however, the presentation was disappointing and it looked like it came from a box. She argued that they used a way better cheese but still, the presentation alone was off-putting. Finally, the disappointment was the creamed spinach.  The spinach looked as if it was drenched in a cream sauce that did not look very appetizing. In addition, the sauce was bland lacking flavor and salt. Now that I have written this down, I will definitely not order that again.

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After a pretty long visit at this restaurant, when we finished our meal and were so fed up, we considered our drinks as dessert. We could not imagine what the additional wait would have been for the dessert and really were not interested in finding out.  While I am unable to give you a price on each individual item, our meal came to roughly $305 and after taxes most likely $365. I am not sure if they included my mother’s 25% discount to the meal but consider, this is a steakhouse and for 5 people, you can expect to spend a little money. We all agreed we would come back but I think we might do it earlier in the day and avoid the bug attack at sunset but still be there for the sunset. In the restaurant’s defense, the architect of the restaurant created a very small kitchen and so they kitchen staff does not have a lot of space to cook for all their guest so they get backed up easily. However after 2 years in operation, they should have figured something out. I literally felt like I was there the entire day and left frustrated instead of satisfied. The following is my Seven Mac Score for the restaurant:

 Quivira Clubhouse

Criteria Scale Score
Accessibility 0 N/R
Customer Service 1-25 15
Cleanliness 1-10 7
Food Presentation 1-10 9
Price Value 1-10 8
Taste of Food 1-30 22
Overall Experience 1-15 7
TOTAL: 68/100

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And remember: It’s a BIG world and we are going to eat our way through it!



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